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KAISERSTR. 51   |    60329 FRANKFURT AM MAIN   |   FON 069-25 62 75 66    |   FAX 069-25 62 75 67

b o n a m e n t e (lat.): in a positive frame of mind

„Nomen est omen”: BonaMente cultivates a genuine hospitality in the truest sense of the word. As our guest you will receive something special every time you visit us: A good meal. A good drink and a pleasant evening. Good service and above of all, a good atmosphere, in which your senses are spoilt by culinary delights.

The „Kaiserstraße” is our home. It is a typical, metropolitan grandeur-boulevard created in the late 19th Century. As one of the best known inner city streets of Frankfurt, it is known that this street is full of life activities at any given time of the year. Behind an impressive and venerable sandstone-façade, BonaMente offers a stylish and historical ambience, which can tell many stories. As legend has it that great personalities and celebrities used this area to encounter.

You will feel this special and welcoming flair while entering our rooms with high French windows. They offer an amazing view of the metropolitan revue. You will experience the revue as people always have: To go out, to see things and most important to be seen.
'For those who like to enjoy the sunny sides of life, we offer our terrace when the weather is fine and sunny, so you can observe the strolling people pass by.
For those who have a weakness for culinary delights, you can under our starlit lights be brought to a gleaming satisfaction by our gourmet kitchen.

Our separate lounge offers additional space for relaxed gatherings – but also for exciting events. However, in our gallery you will have the privilege of the extraordinary and complete overview of our entire restaurant.
BonaMente is opened for you from the early morning hours until the late evening: For example, if you would like to start a good day with a delicious breakfast – start your day well by having one of our marvelous breakfasts.

Or, after a busy and stressful day, let your mind unwind and run careless free by having a refreshing drink at our lounge bar: Come in and chill out.
Every time you come to visit, as the center point of excellent taste, we would like to offer you a diversity of new and exciting arts of culinary.

Our philosophy is a declaration of intent to do what makes you feel good: We pay close attention to the ecological quality of the products we use. We attach importance to fresh products, that are seasonal and regional available. We take into high consideration the quality of our meat to bring you the best quality on the table. Always expect something good at BonaMente.

Welcome at BonaMente: go4good!